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Will Smith Is Making A Grand Comeback

will smith is making a comeback

Will Smith is making a comeback into the music scene after a hiatus that lasted a decade! And, the Fresh Prince couldn’t have chosen a better song to mark this re-entry. He is riding on the captivating rhythm of Bomba Estéreo’s 2015 release, ‘Fiesta’ whose remix, marks his well-timed re-entry. Stereo Bomb or Bomba Estéreo as Colombians know them, is an award-winning Bogota-founded Electro band with impressive tracks to their name.

Will Smith revealed this when he consented to an interview with a leading internet radio station, Beats 1 Radio. Speaking to the station’s Zane Lowe, Smith hinted that the remix of ‘Fiesta’, is just one of the many tracks he has done and plans to release the rest. In fact, he is planning to have a fully-fledged tour.

While working on the set of the movie ‘Suicide Squad’, Smith took breaks almost every day to record some music. Now, what does he have to show for all the effort you may ask? Well, he has recorded more than 30 tracks seven of which he admits he really likes.

Despite this, the artist has a challenge that even he knows too well. He needs to find his creative groove back and do so first. That is if he intends to remain relevant in the music recording industry. He admits that he has many messages he wants to pass across in his music but is struggling to find a way to fit all this into the flavor of music that he identifies with. Smith says that his problem is compounded by the fact that he is from the old school music genres.

Will Smith is working with various collaborators from both contemporary and old school genres. The 47-year-old rapper did not quite name these artists. He though, disclosed that he has an elaborate summer tour in mind, one that includes DJ Jazzy Jeff. He intimated that this tour would most probably be the largest outing so far.

Will Smith also confirmed that he would participate in Bad Boys 3. The movie comes out late 2016 or mid-2017.


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