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Who Needs Self Driving Cars When You Have Dog Driving Cars

dog driving technology

Why bother with all the self driving technology when we can just get dogs to drive us around?

Now picture this, a dog driving a car. I mean, how does the mind even begin to comprehend that? We know that these animals perform acts of heroism every now and then but seeing them actually trying to do things like driving is just amazing. That is something that you will seldom witness.

In a YouTube video posted by Jessica Wolf, you can see a dog controlling the steering wheel of a little red car with a young boy on board. At first it seems like the car would hit the pavement and come to a halt but the dog intelligently turns the steering wheel and directs the car back onto the road. It also looks like it’s having fun while taking the little boy for a fun ride. The little boy just sits there so comfortably, enjoying the ride as this amazing pet directs the car. I mean, how often do you see that? Does this imply that this dog can actually drive or the furry feline was simply playing with the wheel and the car somehow turning in the right direction?

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