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Who Ate the Cupcake? Not Jack!


This kid is going places. Well, not for his shining honesty of course, but for his amazing confidence that allows him to double down even though he has been caught red-handed (blue mouthed in this case) lying to his dad!

Generally speaking, toddlers don’t tend to be great liars but Dave Koenig’s kid takes the cake (literally!). The video shows Dave’s kid sitting in the car looking almost like one of the little smurfs (all blue around his mouth), because he has just finished gobbling down a blue cupcake. However, the kid is not at all prepared to accept the fact that he ate the free cupcake, no matter how much his dad asks him about it!

Watch as he strongly stays his ground, even though the circumstantial evidence proves him wrong even before he opens his mouth. Poor dad. All his interrogation amounts to nothing, as the toddler denies all his accusations with a firm, if a bit unconvincing, NO. Well what are you gonna do Dave, the kid is a natural! And like one YouTube commenter said, “If nothing works, the kid definitely has a great career in politics ahead for him!”. We could not have agreed more to this. In all probability, he might as well grow up to become a Congressman!

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