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Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Gives Birth To Adorable Twins



The Toronto Zoo happens to be the lucky recipient of twin baby pandas, who have just recently been given birth by the zoo’s giant panda, Er Shun. They are the very first panda cubs to be born since 2014 and the first in Canada.

The period of gestation for a full-sized panda is virtually anywhere from 87-186 days from when the insemination had first taken place. Many times it can be a little tough to predict when the panda will give birth, since the typical duration of time for giant pandas because mostly all of them experience what is called a “delayed implantation”.

Once the pandas are born, it can literally take up to 2-3 months for the zoo’s experts to be able to gather the exact gender of the cubs are. The zoo made a statement “The small cubs are very vulnerable at this specific size, so the next several hours and days which follow will be so critical to their specific survival”. The cubs will most likely be held in the maternity zone area of the zoo for a considerable amount of months.


The maternal instincts which Er Shun has been displaying are phenomenal thus far in which she immediately showcased when she began cleaning and even cradling the cubs. The zoo has yet to give the name of the father panda bear but that particular information should be released relatively soon.

If the pandas survive the early portion of their lives and they live up to two years, they will leave the Toronto zoo and be officially moved, making their return to China. They are showing fantastic progress in their infant stage but the first 3-4 months are truly critical and if they are to make it through safely, they should be in good shape. When and if the cubs return to China, they will find that the life of a panda can’t get any better.

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