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Top 10 sexiest lesbian scenes from popular culture

This list should otherwise be named the Top 10 movies and television shows you should probably be watching right now. Because who doesn’t love a good sapphic romance? With Netflix offering mainstream movie viewers exposure to films they may have otherwise never heard of — more folks are granted access to queer visibility. While many fandoms celebrate the subtext of favourite girl-on-girl ‘ships‘ on the internet and some of the couples mentioned below have big OTP (One True Pairing) communities online — we found it hard to squeeze all of our favourites on the list. But we narrowed it down and today we’re bringing you the Top 10 sexiest lesbian scenes so you have options when sniffing out lady loving at its finest. Note: we didn’t bother listing anything from The L Word (too easy) but it should be noted that the show was essentially five season of the sexiest lesbian scenes ever.

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