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Tom Cruise hasn’t seen daughter Suri in a year


News that Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri in a year comes shortly after a revealing HBO documentary on Scientology. Sources close to Suri’s mother, Katie Holmes, tell TMZ that Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter since before he started filming Mission Impossible 5. After filming wrapped up he was off work for two weeks and allegedly still didn’t make time to see her. The news comes after the premiere of HBO’s documentary on Scientology, Going Clear. Ex-members of Scientology, including people who were high up in the organization, were interviewed and revealed some unsavory things about the Jerry Maguire star. The Church of Scientology labels those who leave the church or don’t believe in it as “suppressive persons.” In the film they speak about how the Church turned Cruise’s two older children with Nicole Kidman against her because she was labeled as such. Now that Holmes has been labeled as a suppressive person as well, it brings up another question: is Cruise avoiding his 8-year-old daughter because she and her mother are suppressive? katie According to Going Clear Scientology rules Cruise’s life, so it might not be a far-fetched idea that he would distance himself from Holmes and his child. The whole documentary is on YouTube, and if you have two hours it’s definitely worth watching.

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