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Tinder Nightmares: The Most Awkward Pick Up Lines


For what it’s worth, technology has had more positives than downsides. In a world where nearly everything is fast paced and people are more concerned about how they can achieve their objectives using the least amount of resources, technology provides a much needed relief. From ordering for meals to booking airline tickets, individuals have found it most convenient to use technology to achieve these goals. It saves time and money, a very scarce resource in these times of unpredictable global economies.


Then here comes social media, a byproduct of technology. Since most people are usually busy chasing one goal after another, more specifically career and ultimately financial goals, there is not much time to physically interact with family and friends. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder and other dating sites, it is now very much possible to meet someone and cultivate a relationship or even just have a fling. To some extent it has made people lose touch of the basic dating skills and the result is very shady and awkward pickup lines. Of all these sites, Tinder has to be the most affected because it is expressly a dating site and many times provides quick fixes to so many people.

The Ellen show posted a clip in their YouTube channel showing some very funny pickup lines that have been used on Tinder, some of them obviously “stolen”. The cheesy pickup lines make for great comedy and it’s hilarious to read one of the texts where a guy edited a text he had sent to another girl but forgot to edit or cut out the name. Without noticing the error, he sent the same text to a girl he was hitting on from Tinder. The obviously not amused lady had to remind him that he had forgotten to edit Sydney’s name, the original recipient of the text. It is really a sad state of affairs. Is online dating making people lazy and eroding the whole meaning of relationships?

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