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Silent ‘Saint Norma’ from Orange Is The New Black fronted a punk band

Norma Orange Is the new black

Orange Is The New Black gave us the back story of silent inmate Norma Romano this season on Netflix’s popular series. While behind bars, she’s known for having been Red’s right-hand woman, this season audiences were offered a glance into her past as she developed a spiritual following at Litchfield. Aside from a few stutters, Norma, played by Annie Golden, shocked audiences in the first season when she busted out an incredible solo — breaking away from the muteness of her character. So all we know about silent Norma thus far is that she has the voice of an angel and may or may not be responsible for a few miracles that happen at everyone’s favourite female prison. It turns out the 63-year-old actress behind Norma has a history with microphones as Twitter blew up with news revealing Golden’s past when she fronted a punk band called The Shirts. Back in the 70’s, Golden was apart of a punk band that rocked venues in New York City and more. And because Orange Is The New Black fans love a good back story, we thought it was necessary to share Golden’s. Of course, Golden only got her start with The Shirts before making it on the soundtrack of the 80’s classic Sixteen Candles with her song Hang Up The Phone. But being a multi-talented woman, Golden’s career hasn’t only been in bands and television — she’s also done Broadway and has had here-and-there parts in films as well as being the voice to many popular movies such as Prelude To A Kiss and more!
Check out the mute Norma in the sweet 80’s video for Hang Up The Phone! …kind of amazing, eh?

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