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The Power Of Makeup

Usually, it’s the small things that tend to stand out. That song that was playing the first time you got kissed, the first smile your newborn gave you or that fresh face in the morning when your hair is all over the place. Yes, that makeup free morning face would stop a lot of hearts… with excitement and not horror.

Most women tend to hide behind their makeup and call their fresh face’ ugly. Whatever happened to appreciating our own flaws? After all, these are what make us all individually unique. You don’t have to hide behind your eyeliner and foundation because you think MAC, Revlon & Elizabeth Arden are the only people who can show you how to be’ beautiful.

Beautiful is not something you become’. Instead, it is a quality that you already possess in immense quantity. Weylie, a popular YouTuber, emphasizes this in her latest Vlog.

A lot of women rely on makeup nowadays as they consider it a gateway to beauty and attention. Weylie wants these women to know that there is no amount of makeup that can change a woman. You shouldn’t let your love of these products be determined by what pleases the crowd most. If anyone blames you for rocking a fresh face, leave them be and bask in the glory that is your own awesomeness!

Sure, these products give us an entirely cool transformation, but it’s about time we got real ladies. We can’t hide our insecurities behind a mask. The whole idea of getting “made up” should be about practicing art. It’s all about enhancing your features and having a good time while at it. Playing around with colors and seeing how far you can go. You are beautiful way beyond the visible.

Sure, there is power in makeup. But there is even greater power in a woman confident about her looks and brave enough to venture out into the world without a brush or ounce of kohl.

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