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The Kardashian empire enters a new frontier: another show on the way


Kris Jenner has figured out another way to make some money – cause they really need it, you know. The latest Kardashian enterprise is a spinoff show that will follow their Dash employees and undoubtedly feature many cameos from the royal family of Kalabasas. With all their spinoffs, games, clothing lines, and books it’s hard to keep track of their business empire. Let’s see what they’re up to right now on Instagram. Kim is reportedly going to make $85 million just from her smartphone game. Two days ago she announced Andre Leon Talley will be making a guest appearance in the game. kardash1 Khloe has been busy partying with her man, French Montana, and friend, P. Diddy. They were at the rooftop of the Red Bull Guest House in Miami drinking Diddy’s vodka, Ciroc. kardash2 Kourtney has been busy keeping Scott in line and taking care of their babies, Penelope, Mason, and Reign. Breast pumps look scary… 3 Kendall has done a great job of separating her image from the rest of the Kardashian clan. The top model is often seen hanging out with her new supermodel friends. 4 When Kylie isn’t getting breast implants (allegedly), or fat injected into her butt (allegedly), or getting lip injections (allegedly), she’s taking selfies like this one that shows off all her plastic surgeon’s handiwork (allegedly). Natural or not, she’s smoking hot! 5 Then of course there is Kris, the mastermind behind it all. When she’s not negotiating deals she’s hanging out with fashion royalty like Karl Lagerfeld. Has she had the honour of meeting Choupette? 6

Leia Smoudianis is a west coaster freezing her bum off in Toronto. The former (yet still very bitter) server is now selling vacuums on The Shopping Channel and hoping to get adopted by the Kardashians.

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