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The good, the bad, the ugly: Celeb tattoos

Cara Delevingne

Tattoos – a permanent mistake or everlasting success? These stars have gone under the needle to express their creativity and personality. Some are pretty cool while others may turn out to be a big mistake. Click through the slideshow to see the tasteful and tacky tattoos of the stars. Cara Delevingne The young model was inked for the first time last month and wasted no time before getting tat number two! Delevingne was tatted up at NYC tattoo parlour Bang Bang, which was recommended to her by Rihanna. Cara Delevingne-1 Demi Lovato To celebrate the release of her fourth album, the singer got a new tattoo with the lyrics from her new track, Warrior, inked on her back. Like Delevingne, Lovato also went to Bang Bang. Demi Lovato Cheryl Cole The UK singer decided to cover up a butterfly tramp stamp with a massive back piece of two red roses intertwined. Thoughts? Cheryl Cole Harry Styles The One Director singer is rapidly covering his entire body in black ink, including two swallows on his chest, a butterfly, a black heart, and an etching of a ship, which he got when he was dating Taylor Swift earlier this year. Harry Styles Rihanna The singer has a plethora of tats scattered around her body, including a cluster of stars down her back, skulls, a Pisces sign, a tribal piece on her hand, two finger tattoos, and a Sanskrit prayer. One of her most recent pieces is the Egyptian goddess, Isis, which is posited on her chest in memory of her late grandmother. Rihanna Kelly Osbourne The TV personality has always been close with her family, and she’ll forever remember the bonds she has with her parents thanks to her tattoos. She has “I Love My Mummy” tattooed on her back in French, as well as a padlock and key with “Daddy” written in the middle. Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne-1

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