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The Disaster Artist


James Franco is giving Tommy Wiseau’s legendary romantic drama, ‘The Room’, a delightful Hollywood treatment with the production of an adaptation that chronicles its making. ‘The Disaster Artist’, set to shoot in December, attracts Franco’s longtime collaborator, Seth Rogen. According to reliable sources, Rogen is angling for a still undisclosed role. Seth who is collaborating with his producer colleague, Evan Goldberg to make the picture, is also interested in an acting role in the movie, the sources affirm.

Rogen’s affinity to this project comes as no surprise considering that he is fond of collaborating with Franco in projects on as well as off screen. Moreover, Rogen has expressed a clear affection for this 2003 melodramatic love triangle drama.

Screenwriters Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter wrote the script, which Academy Award nominee producer Vince Jolivette and James Weaver are producing alongside Franco and Rogen. Just as Tommy Wiseau wrote, produced, directed and starred as Johnny in ‘The Room’, Franco will juggle starring, production and directing roles in ‘The Disaster Artist’. Franco plays Wiseau, the mysterious wizard behind this cult classic produced in 2003 and, which many people equated to the ‘best worst-movie ever made’.

Also starring in the movie is Dave Franco, James Franco’s younger brother. Dave appears as Greg Sestero who wrote the story that formed the basis of ‘The Room’, and, who played Mark, Johnny’s best friend in the movie. Sestero and journalist Tom Bissell penned ‘The Disaster Artist: My Life inside the Room’. The book attracted Rogen’s Point Grey Pictures who acquired it to convert it into the movie Franco is now working on.

Franco and Rogen optioned the book in February 2015 and brought Franco’s production house, Rabbit Bandini alongside Point Grey Pictures to produce the movie. Also collaborating in the movie is the motion picture company, Good Universe represented in this project by Erin Westerman.

Aside from the eminent possibility of Rogen starring in ‘The Disaster Artist’, another seasoned Franco collaborator, Brandon Trost will shoot the drama. Trost’s frequent partnerships with Franco include their work in ‘This is the End’, ‘The Night Before, ‘Neighbors’ and its sequel and their current project, ‘Neighbors 2’.

In the book ‘The Disaster Artist: My Life inside the Room’, Sestero narrates his experience while on set making ‘The Room’. The movie revolves around Johnny, a good-natured banker whose life takes a downturn when he finds out that his conflicted best friend Mark is in love with his fiancée Lisa. The movie features several instances of odd storytelling, obvious faults that are technical in nature as well as bizarre dialogue. Consequently, ‘The Room’ attracted a cult following upon release and easily become fodder for midnight screenings. ‘The Disaster Artists now highlights the mystery that surrounded its making.

Rogen’s plate seems full now despite his appetite for a role in ‘The Disaster Artist’. He plays Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs self-titled expose by Danny Boyle, directs and produces ‘Preacher’, an AMC series and will appear in ‘The Night Before’, a Christmas Comedy produced by Sony Pictures set for release in November 20, 2015. Rogen who also appears in a Franco-directed Hollywood-based drama, ‘Zeroville’, just finished working on yet another Franco-Rogen collaboration, an adaptation of the Sound and The Fury starring Franco, Danny McBride and longtime poster boy of ‘Mad Men’, Jon Hamm.

Gotham/Principal and UTA will represent Rogen’s contract interests and management in this project.


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