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The Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, and while it’s best celebrated with friends and family, it’s also wonderful to enjoy with holiday films! Fortunately there are many classic and new movies to choose from, so you can enjoy watching something different every day of the holiday season. If you want to go through all of the best films, then the following list will help gjuide you through the 50 most enjoyable. Watch alone, with family, or with friends for a memorable holiday season.

A Christmas Story – 1983 – Starring: Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin, Peter Billingsley

Who could ever forget the quote “you’ll shoot your eye out kid!”? This classic, funny, and warm movie is one that is a cult favorite today, even playing 24-hours in the days leading up to Christmas. The story starts with Ralphie Parker, who is a 9 year old who desires an air rifle for his Christmas gift. When the big day finally arrives, Ralphie finds a variety of gifts (including a pink bunny onesie that his aunt sent), but no air rifle. However, his father tells him there is one last gift, which is the Red Ryder gun. Once Ralphie takes the gun outside, he ends up shooting his eye out and ruining his glasses, which he tries to hide from his mom.

There are many funny moments during the film that most people remember, like the leg lamp that his father gets for winning a contest and Flick getting his tongue stuck to a cold light pole. Another memorable scene is when Ralphie waits in line to meet Santa, which is a favorite for adults today.


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