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Sorry, not sorry: Orange Is The New Black season 3 review

Orange Is The New Black Season 3

The newest season of Netflix’s hit show Orange Is The New Black got an early release on Friday June 12 and many die-hard fans were finished all 13 episodes by the time the weekend actually started. Season three of OITNB was just as engaging as the first two seasons — but buzzed out a different vibe than the show previously offered. The big bad for the third season was more evil than both the jaded, embezzling, horrible human being of an assistant warden we found in Fig and, in a way, even scarier than Vee. The talented writing team stayed true to characters but took them in a direction that was obviously not decided on to ‘make fans happy‘ but to ‘keep it real‘. vauseman Though the first half the season is arguably lighter and moves slower than season two, the second half gets intense before  the show offers an excellent end with a finale that they always seem to get right. OITNB did the thing where they make some characters more likeable through their skills with character development and add depth to other characters that change the way you feel about them. Storylines set you up for mild disappointment, there are plot twists and this year and sympathy for the staff. Worth noting is the ‘after school special’ undercurrent the season takes as it tackles LGBTQ identity issues, transphobia, rape, feminism and other important real issues that would manifest themselves in a women’s prison. The main themes this season centre around power, parenting (specifically motherhood), faith and trust. Here are some highlights of season three:
  • The re-introduction of Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) back at Litchfield is flawless. Vauseman fans are treated to some of the most intense and adorable scenes of the on-again, off-again, love/hate relationship of Alex and Piper (Taylor Schilling). Their relationship thrives off emotional manipulation — which leads to some of the serie’s sexiest scenes. While Piper is at her strongest and Vause at her weakest this season, Ruby Rose’s new character slips in to cause some additional emotional chaos.
  • Big Boo (Lea DeLaria) and ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett’s (Taryn Manning) friendship is a beam of light this season. Spoiler alert: both get back stories that add richness to both characters.
  • The motherhood theme as previously mention gets carried by the Latinas mostly — with the Diaz duo managing the days surrounding the birth of Daya’s (Dascha Polanco) baby as they work through their own mother-daughter drama.
  • Taystee (Danielle Brooks) finds herself in a new position this season while her usual partner in the prison, Poussey (Samira Wiley) goes on a spiritual journey. Unexpected connections and family feels will tingle inside you.
  • There are shocking storylines that will break your heart — many tissues, you may soak.
  • Fear not: Soso (Kimiko Glenn) is less annoying
  • There are breakout performances, more incredible insight into the supporting characters and more of a focus on management this season.
But we can’t tell you everything that will happen — so tune in and share some of your own thoughts and feelings about the latest in Litchfield!

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