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Pitch Perfect 2 exceeds everyone’s expectations

Pitch Perfect 2

Some have ben waiting for three years, some just got aboard the Pitch Perfect train — but it can’t be denied that the sequel that debuted last weekend exceeded everyone’s expectations. The numbers are in and the Universal release opening added up to an acs-awesome $69.2 million — putting Elizabeth Bank’s in third place when it comes to the biggest opening for a female director (behind 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight). It was a weekend for female success as Mad Max: Fury Road raked in $64 million for their opening too. More important than numbers, the film brought satisfaction to its viewers. With appearances by Snoop Dog, new cast members such as Katey Segal (Peggy Bundy was in it!), the Green Bay Packers participating in the riff-off this time around and the original cast — Pitch Perfect 2 was all we wanted and more. anna camp As far as storylines go, the movie introduced Hailee Steinfield and weaved her in well while it brought back important characters like Aubrey (Anna Camp). Much of the focus was on Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy and they fed Bechloe fans some good scenes to snack on (though they did a poor job of selling Jesse (Skylar Astin) as a believable boyfriend for Beca). bechloe Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow had just as much chemistry in the second film and definitely showed viewers that their connection had only strengthened in the last few years at Barden University. While Snow denied being in the know about Bechloe on Larry King until recently, fans feel like the two actresses have been baiting them through social media for a while. bechloe 2 But really. Pitch Perfect 2 delivers when it comes to entertainment, music and hilarity. Critics may argue that much of the humour is derived from stereotypes, it’s not really a feminist movie at all but it is enjoyable and fun to watch. And sometimes, y’know, that’s all you want out of a movie. So if you haven’t already, go get yourself pitch-slapped.

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