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Orphan Black fans are devastated about major character death in season three finale

Delphine Death

Orphan Black fans are outraged after the finale of season three aired on Saturday. SPOILER ALERT: the hit Canadian series shocked audiences with a major character death and Cophine shippers are losing their minds over it. A scene that showed Delphine, played by Canadian actress Evelyne Brochu, meeting a fatal fate with a gun shot — had fans hopping online to a) drop the show, b) share their emotional devastation and c) start an online petition. Cophine While the sci-fi series centres around Tatiana Maslany and her incredible talent as she portrays multiple characters (clones of herself), fans of the show developed a deep attachment to Brochu’s character, Delphine. One of Maslany’s characters, Cosima Niehaus, develops a romantic relationship with fellow scientist and monitor, Delphine. While Brochu started season one as a recurring character — she quickly became a cast regular for seasons two and three — attracting the LGBTQ community throughout this same-sex storyline (their sizzling chemistry kept fans hooked). Though fans are really, really upset about Delphine’s tragic shooting — it seems, while the role was written especially for Brochu, that the character is, indeed, dead. Co-creator John Fawcett, who directed the emotional finale, has basically confirmed the death.

Delphine shot

“Uhhhhh…well, you know, I know this will be upsetting to many fans but the story in our minds has always been a tragic love story,” Fawcett told Entertainment Weekly, “But trust me, this was a necessary move to make. And it’s necessary in Cosima’s story and it’s necessary going forward in subsequent seasons.” Not to mention, Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson confirmed to the A.V. Club that: “For all intents and purposes, Evelyne [Brochu’s character] is dead.” Manson went on to mention that they’re hoping there will be a crack in the actress’ busy schedule so she can somehow make a reappearance — but shared that Brochu was in on the storyline for her character. Which makes a lot of sense considering Brochu is now starring in the CBC Television’s spy thriller show X Company as Aurora Luft. While we are still emotionally recovering from the fictional character death and our hearts are breaking because we also hoped Cophine was endgame, we get that taking on a leading role in a television series is a smarter professional choice than hanging on as a love interest for someone else’s show. The 32-year-old actress has been around for a while, having taken on prominent roles in films such as Cafe de Flore and Tom at the Farm — but Orphan Black has certainly helped her rise in more mainstream fame. It was clear that the writing team and Brochu handled her arc very carefully and, in many ways, offered closure to the fans. While the ending was tragic, the love between Cosima and Delphine was evident and, just like real life, life must go on. The good news is, the Cophine fandom is loaded with incredible fan art, fan videos and fanfiction so their love can continue to exist online.

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  1. Jane

    July 1, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    I don’t know one person who felt closure about this ending. If they really wanted it to end this way they did the fans a disservice.

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