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Orange Is The New Black‘s Maria fronts a heavy metal band

Jessica Pimentel Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black brings us drama and good comedy — but outside those prison walls, the cast of the hit Netflix series flex all kinds of talent offscreen. While folks were surprised to find out silent Norma fronted a punk band, it’ll be just as exciting to learn that one of the feisty Latinas from prison crew ‘Spanish Harlem’ fronts a metal band. latina 1 latina 2 We know her as Maria Ruiz in Litchfield — the pregnant inmate from season one, almost-transferred new momma who lived for visits with her baby in season two and hard, cynical inmate who was just trying to get through her time in season three. But Brooklyn born Jessica Pimentel is both an actress who brings magic to the television screen and a musician — a singer and bassist that busts it out in a heavy metal band called Alekhine’s Gun. While Pimentel (aka ‘The Crusher’) fronts the New York based metal band that describes their interests as melting people’s faces off, the musical actress was also a classical violinist (trained at a very young age) who traveled around the United States, Canada and Japan bringing joy to people’s ears. Having put so much love and commitment into being a violin major in a performing arts high school, Pimentel was pretty devastated when she began suffering from nerve and tissue damage from playing the instrument. But soon, she was accepted into a drama program and honed a new skill. Though folks may be most familiar with her OITNB role, Pimentel has also been seen as a hit woman on Person of Interest. Acting did come after the music — but it turned out that the musician was talented enough to turn both into professions. So when she’s not eliciting all the feels on screen — she’s playing in a heavy metal band. Check it out. Image credit: Tumblr/poussseys Check out 30 more of our favorite Actors turned musicians! –

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