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Orange Is The New Black sizzles on Rolling Stone’s cover

Laura Prepon Taylor Schilling Rolling STones

The scorching hot cover for Rolling Stone featuring Orange Is The New Black sexy duo Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling hits news stands this Friday. In the latest issue, the cast of the hit Netflix series open up as they share personal anecdotes and how they feel to be a part of such a progressive, important show. Whether you’re addicted to OITNB or not, the significance of the show shouldn’t go unnoticed. Showcasing diversity — complete with a predominately female cast of a variety of races, featuring a transgendered actress — it also pushes the envelope with gripping, real subject matter. “We’ve revolutionized television,” Laverne Cox told Rolling Stone.
Laura Prepon OITNB


Laura Prepon, who plays the sexy inmate that landed herself in prison for being a part of an international drug cartel, is clearly excited for the latest issue as she posted the cover shot on her personal Instagram account. Though the 35-year-old actress has been well known for years from her That 70’s Show days, she feels like there’s more to be done. With ambitions to write a cook book and direct a movie, Prepon is still striving for more. While Prepon says she’s been known to have more ‘guy friends’, she thinks of herself as someone who can get along with everyone. Despite her interests being more traditionally male, she told Stone that she recently started hanging out with a group of women. “I’ve learned it’s important to have amazing women in your life,” Prepon said. The latest Rolling Stone issue interviews a bunch of the key cast members — including Schilling, Cox, Natasha Lyonne, Dascha Polanco, Selenis Leyva, in addition to Prepon and the show’s creator, Jenji Kohan. The actors get real as they discuss how the show doesn’t discriminate against older talent and breaks away from the pressure to put only those who subscribe to a certain beauty standard on screen. Some of the stars even open up about the therapy they’ve undergone in their personal lives. It gets deep. Just in time for the premiere of season three on June 12, this issue should help tide you over until then. We’re counting down the days! Laura Prepon Taylor Schilling Rolling STones

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