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OITNB: Season 3 sing-a-long, Crazy Eyes Hits The Boston Marathon


For fans of Orange Is The New Black, it feels like forever ago since we last saw our favourite flock of jailbirds caught up in their crazy antics. To tie us over until the June 12 premiere of Season 3, the cast surprised the Internet with a sing-a-long teaser of what we can look forward to in the latest installment of the Netflix Original series, including the introduction of new inmate Ruby Rose and the return of Lori Petty. OITNB The 53-second clip showcases the stars belting out their rendition of “Don’t Talk To Me” by Tre Coast ft. Lydia Faith, with each actress – including Piper, Alex, “Crazy Eyes”, and Red – working the jam with her own bit of flare. In other OITNB news, actress Uzo Aduba is training for this year’s Boston Marathon. Aduba isn’t new to the running game – she crossed the finish line in 2013 at the New York City Marathon. The actress, who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, says the lessons she’s learned hitting the pavement are what prepare her for pushing through that last mile. Uzo Aduba “Just keep going,” the 33-year-old told People. “That ended up becoming a motto for my life as well, because if you just keep going eventually you’re going to a hit a finish line.” This year, the Emmy and SAG awards winner will be running on behalf of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. “Life is going to try and beat you down,” she added. “Whether you’re going through hills like Heartbreak Hill [the Boston Marathon’s final stretch] or hills like prison sentences, if you keep going the other side of the hill is down. You just have to push through because what’s on the other side is glorious.”

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