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Nicki Minaj feels discriminated after ‘Anaconda’ isn’t nominated for MTV Video of the Year


Nicki Minaj took to Twitter yesterday to voice her disappointment over not being nominated for the VMA’s Video of the Year award. ‘Anaconda’ is up for Best Hip Hop Video and Best Female Video, but isn’t in the same rank as video of the year contenders Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, and Kendrick Lamar. It was left out despite breaking records like Vevo’s record for the most streams in 24 hours. Swift interpreted this as a jab to her ‘Bad Blood’ video which features her friends, many of whom are models, and Minaj was quick to respond. bad-blood So clearly Swift missed the point. Black women are not being represented despite having hugely influenced the music industry. But it gets worse. Today headlines started pouring in. ‘Nicki Minaj argues with Taylor Swift’ was the theme, but one headline stood out to Minaj. On Air with Ryan Seacrest has since changed the headline to something more neutral, but it goes to show how quick society is to jump on the ‘angry black woman.’ Minaj is just using her platform to raise awareness around an issue that we all know exists. So what now? Well Swift has until August 30 to figure out what she’s going to say when (or if) she accepts the award for Video of the Year. Since she considers herself a feminist, she has 40 days to come up with a speech that both acknowledges the influence black women have on the industry and acknowledges their under-representation. Moments like this, and the Amandla Stenberg and Kylie Jenner story, are opportunities for learning – celebrities can learn to be more socially aware and their fans, in turn, can be influenced for the better. So step it up T-Swift!

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