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Never Say Never: David Arquette gets kicked out of Justin Bieber’s 21st birthday bash

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Justin Bieber showed that he really is taking this growing up thing seriously during his 21st birthday party this past Sunday. The ‘Confident’ singer managed to avoid being the most immature person in attendance that night, after party guest David Arquette got a little rowdy. The main event was held at the Omnia nightclub in Las Vegas. The Hakkasan Group, who own the venue, actually paid Bieber to the tune of $500,000 to host his party there. Though the trouble didn’t begin until the after-party, at Bieber’s villa suite at the Nobu Hotel at Ceasars Palace. A guest at the event told The New York Post’s Page Six, that Arquette appeared to be “pretty messed up” as he continued partying late into the night with the young superstar and his friends. David Arquette Page Six goes onto say that Arquette then went a little overboard when he was overheard making some not so flattering comments about his party host. Bieber and a friend reportedly kicked Arquette out themselves, as the suite did not have its own security. The Never Been Kissed star then proceeded to finagle his way back into the party and make a play for Bieber. Party guests broke up the altercation and Arquette was kicked out for good. However, E! News has reported a much more subdued version of events, stating that there was no fight and Arquette was simply asked to leave the after party so Bieber could spend some chill down time with his close friends. Whatever the case, both versions shine a commendable light on the formerly troubled star. Bieber has had an eventful few years, which includes among other things, an arrest for DUI and vandalism charges after he egged a neighbour’s house. This is a well-timed follow-up for Bieber and Beliebers alike after the star’s self-recorded apology video, posted on his Facebook page at the end of January. Hammering the message home that he is ashamed of his former antics, Bieber reiterated his apology at the end of his brutal celebrity roast on Comedy Central. Justin Bieber - Ellen Perhaps Bieber truly is attempting to turn over a new maple leaf? Or is he simply prepping for his upcoming new album and tour? It’s up to you what to belieb!

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