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My Pet Monster And Other Cartoons You Forgot About

Garbage Pail Kids (1988; 13 episodes)

If you were a kid in the ’80s, you may have grown tired of seeing the same glamorous/adorable characters again and again. If that was the case, your favorite TV show was probably Garbage Pail Kids, which was based on a series of macabre trading cards intended to parody the nauseatingly cute Cabbage Patch Kids. The trading cards were pretty weird and gross, but the TV show was mostly weird in a way that appealed to those who loved slime, dirt or Halloween monsters.

The Garbage Pail Kids had their own cool/gross powers, like the ability to turn into goo to slide under doors. One kid, Elliot Mess, could pop off his head and hold it in one hand. At the time, it was the coolest thing in the world, but today, I can’t help but think Elliot had one of the least useful superpowers. What was he supposed to do with his head, anyway?

This show was a huge cause of controversy after its release in 1988, with teachers and parents screaming that it was ‘offensive’ and ‘disgusting’, but I’m pretty sure none of them actually watched the TV show. Most of the episodes were simple plots punctuated by gross-out humor and movie parodies. Probably the most memorable was the Garbage Pail Kids’ Superman parody, “Supernerd.”

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