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My Pet Monster And Other Cartoons You Forgot About

Stop The Smoggies (1989-1991)

Does anyone remember this show? For the longest time, I was so sure that I had dreamed it up! Stop The Smoggies (also called The Smoggies, if you lived in Canada) seems to have fallen through the cracks in pop culture’s memory, which is a shame, because it was a solid, enjoyable TV show. It was fun and interesting, educational, and informative all at the same time. The series focused on teaching kids why it was important to protect the environment and how they could go about doing it– without being preachy or too terribly in-your-face about it. The main characters are the amphibious creatures called Suntots, who fight to defend their home, called Coral Island, from the nasty, greedy Smoggies who pollute the sea water and try to destroy the island for personal gain.

Most of the episodes dealt with the Smoggies trying to steal the “magic coral,” which was supposed to hold the key to eternal youth, but it was unclear whether or not the magic coral actually existed. Actually, watching this as an adult, I’m pretty sure the “magic coral” was some crazy delusion concocted by lead villain Emma. Regardless, the show was fun and exciting.

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