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My Pet Monster And Other Cartoons You Forgot About

Filmation’s Ghostbusters (September-December, 1986; 65 episodes)

Following the success of Columbia’s (totally unrelated) 1984 hit, Ghostbusters, Filmation swooped in, reclaimed the name and put out a cartoon based on their old 1970s live-action TV show, The Ghost Busters. The result was Ghostbusters, an animated show starring Eddie Spencer, Jake Kong, and my favorite, Tracy the Gorilla. Their headquarters was smack dab in the middle of a haunted mansion, which is also the home to a sentient skull phone called Ansa-Bone, a skeleton TV called Skelevision, and a bright pink bat so aptly named Belfrey. Their enemy was also brilliantly named: a ghost-warlock called Prime Evil, whose HQ was called Hauntquarters. Like most animated villains of the 1980s, Prime Evil repeatedly tried and failed to take over the world.

But perhaps the most memorable part of the show was the common denominator of almost every Filmation cartoon in the 1980s: at the end of each episode, Skelevision would explain the moral of the story that the episode had told. The series also had quite a bit of merchandising for something that was fairly short-lived: the set of action figures included a small comic strip that offered a Cliffnotes version of the TV show’s episodes. The series was briefly released on DVD in 2007, but it’s pretty hard to find these days.

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