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Marvel wants Rachel McAdams for Dr. Strange

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Marvel is hoping to have Canadian actress Rachel McAdams star as their leading lady in upcoming comic book movie Dr. Strange, according to Variety. Earlier this year, we got excited when news broke that Tilda Swinton would be taking on a traditionally male role for the upcoming film. Though they’re still in the early stages of putting together Dr. StrangeThe Notebook star confirmed to L.A. Times that she was, indeed, in talks with the studio about this role. The role in which she’d take on as leading lady is still unknown — and everything’s kind of still up in the air. But they have a bit of time as Dr. Strange isn’t set to come out until November 2016. McAdams has taken on all kinds of diverse roles throughout her career — from being a rom com goddess (who seems to love being a time traveler’s wife in both A Time Traveler’s Wife and About Time) to taking on more comedic roles like in The Hot Chick and Mean Girls to currently starring as detective Ani Bezzerides in the second season of HBO’s True Detective. Mcadams 1 McAdams 2 Marvel’s Dr. Strange is not to be mistaken with sci-fi series Dr. Who — the show that’s also making headlines today as Netflix prepares to offer series 8 on their website in August. It’s all rather exciting — isn’t it? Image credit: Tumblr/mcadamsdaily

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