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Madonna wishes Sean Penn a happy birthday, forgets he beat her with a baseball bat


Remember the time Madonna and Sean Penn were husband and wife? The Queen of Pop sure does, and she was reveling in the nostalgia of it all by posting an intimate picture of the former couple on her Instagram account. “Its almost our birthdays!! 2 Leo’s [sic] #rebelhearts photo by Herb Ritts another Leo”. In the past, the 56-year-old has hinted that Penn was the love of her life despite having only been married to him for two years – and him beating the living wits out of her. Being the strong astrological believers that we are at The Hollywood Mag, it comes as no surprise that Madge was so hot and heavy for her fellow Leo lover – at least at the beginning of their love affair. Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 2.40.28 PM Who’s ready for a good dose of astrological compatibility?! Individually, Leos are fiercely independent and love being the centre of attention, which initially draws the two together before dramatically pulling them apart. In between red-hot passion and never ending power struggles, these two have their work cut out for them when it comes to resolving their differences (e.g. by using fits and a baseball bat, right Sean?!). With that said, it looks like Penn and the Material Girl were able to work past their dissimilarities following their split, despite the horrible physical abuse Madonna endured throughout their romantic relationship. According to Penn, he still remains good friends with M and, if you flip through our favourite Madonna album, True Blue, you’ll see that the singer dedicated the disc to him. “This is dedicated to my husband, the coolest guy in the universe.” charlize Although Madge may view Penn as an ultra awesome man, Charlize Theron is not so fond of the infamous abuser. If you remember back in June, the actress ghosted out of their engagement after a year and a half of courtship, and it had the gossip rags buzzing with confusion as to why as seemingly happy couple would split up. Apparently, the media seems to forget about what a violent and hot-tempered d-hole the actor is because, at the time of the breakup, many news outlets reported the love between the pair simply fizzled out. We think those assumptions are ridiculous and narrow-minded! We have no doubt that Theron had had enough of Penn’s shameful and primitive-like behaviour against her, so she booked it while she was still alive. Anyway, good for Madonna and Sean Penn for staying friends after all these years. Ultimately we think Penn’s a jerk who needs to seek anger management counselling and learn how to behave like a respectful human being.

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