Madonna and Justin Bieber play sexy version of ‘never have I ever’ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show - The Hollywood Mag

Madonna and Justin Bieber play sexy version of ‘never have I ever’ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen - Bieber and Madonna

Justin Bieber joined Madonna on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today for some awkward yet delightful fun and games. The famous singers joined host, Ellen DeGeneres, in a highly sexualized version of the game ‘never have I ever’. Subject matter got sexy right out of the gate as DeGeneres posed the first question, “Never have I ever had phone sex.” Bieber was the odd man out on that initial round, but he caught up to his more experienced fellow contestants with the line, “Never have I ever fooled around in a bathroom during a party.” Madonna & Justin Bieber Bieber displayed some quick-thinking defence following the line, “Never have I ever gotten kicked out of a bar.” The ‘Baby’ singer flipped his paddle over to “I Have Never” and said, “I just turned twenty-one.” Though DeGeneres pressed him a little, Bieber repeated his statement about having just reached the legal age in the U.S. It’s likely however, that DeGeneres is up to speed on the ‘Never Say Never’ singer’s former scandals, including getting kicked out of a Chicago nightclub in 2013. The joke is pretty poignant as it also follows rumours that David Arquette was booted from Bieber’s 21st birthday celebrations last Sunday. DeGeneres didn’t give Bieber too much grief, however, and mentioned the apology he gave at the end of his much-discussed Comedy Central roast. The merciful host stated, “Kevin Hart said you should have a minute to talk [after the roast]… do you remember what you said? I read what you said and it was really sweet.” Bieber has been quite the humble heartbreaker lately as he attempts to atone for past mistakes. He went onto explain his apology to DeGeneres, stating, “I was just talking about it being a new chapter for me and basically saying that I’m sorry for the stuff that I’ve done … A lot of times we pretend so that we can fit in and we end up looking like the douchebag and that was kind of me.” Justin Bieber apology That’s some pretty self-effacing stuff for the former troublemaker. Though it’s not likely he got the advice from fellow Ellen guest, Madonna, who’s never been one apologize for her scandalous past. Though despite their different approaches to what might be deemed shameful, it seems the pair do share some reckless bedroom behavior as both Madonna and Bieber answered “I Have” to the question, “Never have I ever forgotten the name of the person I was fooling around with.” DeGeneres and the studio audience responded in a burst of laughter and the host gave an emphatic, “Come on! You two are perfect for each other!” The segment ended after Madonna proved the cheese stands alone when she posed her own question, “Never have I ever had…sex with more than two different people in one day.” Oh Madge, still showing us how to honestly express yourself after all these years.

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