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Kirsten Dunst Gained Weight for Fargo



There isn’t a doubt in the world that most women would absolutely love eating pizza in bed and watching TV. Just recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live! actress Kirsten Dunst revealed that she enjoyed that elusive pleasure so that she could quickly put on weight for her upcoming role on the hit television show, Fargo.

This is what an actress calls method acting and you can bet that her character, Peggy Blomquist, on season 2, will be given good treatment. The actress cited that she really did just sit in bed and eat, noting “Friday Night Lights” as her choice of viewing pleasure during her homebody exodus.

“I was holed-up in Calgary … it was absolutely freezing cold so I ordered in a lot indulgent foods like pizza and one of my favorites, grilled cheese. I just added several different cheeses and breads together.” Not a bad way to get ready for a role and being that Fargo has quickly become a fan favorite, Dunst should be a great addition to such a compelling show.

The brand new season will take place mostly Dakota and then a little will be set in Luverne, Minnesota. The 33 year old actress stated that it was basically a relative thrill to be a part of a show she had actually enjoyed. She also stated that,“It’s nice to, like, promote something and not have to lie about it,”

Dunst said that she believes that Fargo is by far one of the most intelligent and funny shows on cable. She noted that the way it is edited creates eliminates of the show which may not be as funny as if they were if they were edited traditionally.

There isn’t a doubt in the world that adding Kirsten Dunst to any show is an great asset and you can bet that if she brings her A-game, ratings may get even a little higher than they already are.

We absolutely loved the first season of Fargo and hope the second is just as good!

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