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Kim K is the butt of Bette Midler and Miley Cyrus’ jokes


They’re not laughing at you, they’re laughing with you, right Kim? Bette Midler and Miley Cyrus recently poked fun at Kim Kardashian but in very different ways. Midler was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her national tour when she took the stage to perform an unusual set. Host Jimmy Kimmel introduced Midler’s act. “Here to sing some of the famous tweets from a woman for whom she named one of her chickens, Miss Kim Kardashian, please welcome Bette Midler.” Shortly before Midler’s musical rendition of Kardashian’s words, Cyrus took to Instagram to share a funny mash-up of photos. The photo shows Cyrus dying Kardashian’s hair with a worried look on her face. miley-kim Does that mean Cyrus doesn’t like Mrs. West’s new ‘do? We doubt it considering the stars are now rocking a similar shade of platinum blonde.

Leia Smoudianis is a west coaster freezing her bum off in Toronto. The former (yet still very bitter) server is now selling vacuums on The Shopping Channel and hoping to get adopted by the Kardashians.

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