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Kendall Jenner & Nick Jonas are on! Plus, the cutest couples of young Hollywood

Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas - feature News broke this week that Kendall Jenner (19) and Nick Jonas (22) have been set up by their friends and sparks are flying. Jenner’s modelling friend Gigi Hadid proved herself the model matchmaker by putting her in touch with her own beau, Joe’s, brother. In a “stars they’re just like us” moment, it seems like these young celebs are just trying to create a great excuse to all hangout together…and maybe even start a love story. As for how much they really have in common – well, who cares! They’re young, hot, rich and single, we say, go for it Nicdall! Who knows how long this pair will last, the world of young Hollywood love is fleeting at best. We took a look around at the current couples of superstardom, from the on again off again to those that are in it to win it.

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