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Jennifer Lawrence on Sexism in Hollywood


Jennifer Lawrence has penned a very frank essay talking about her frustrations at earning less money as compared to her male counterparts in similar projects. She wrote that she was trying to express herself in a way that her message would be properly conveyed while she still remained likable. The article was published on Lenny, a site run by Lena Dunham.

She says that she came to learn of the disparity in earnings after the Sony Pictures hack last year that led to the leakage of several confidential emails. Instead of getting mad at Sony, she got mad at herself for her failures as a negotiator.

When the Sony Pictures emails were leaked in November 2014, one of the stories that really made headlines was an email from Amy Pascal, the head of Sony, which indicated that both Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence received far much less remuneration for their work in American hustle as compared to their male co-stars.

In the essay, Jennifer states that she was more worried about her likability than fighting for what she really deserved and in that sense did not close the deal with a fight for fear of seeming difficult or even spoiled. She believed that it was a good move at the time until she saw the project payroll on the internet.


She also spoke about her treatment as a woman in the film industry. She reckons that men speak their minds freely while when she does the same it’s considered offensive. That therefore puts her in a position where she has to air her opinions but in a manner that still leaves her likable.

The previous week, Meryl Streep spoke about the same discrimination especially in terms of pay as she has been a victim of the despite her stellar career. She was speaking to the BBC ahead of the premier of her movie Suffragette at the London film festival. This was also the venue of the global symposium on gender in the media which was hosted by the Oscar award winning Geena Davis. The actress made a call to have more women given challenging roles in television and film.

Actress Angelina Jolie was also referred to as a “spoiled brat” in one of the leaked emails.

Jeniffer Lawrence concluded her essay by stating that she wasn’t surprised after the experience. She said that for some reason she was unable to picture the same being said about a man.

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