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Jamie’s Amazing Transgender Transition Time-Lapse

amazing transgender transformation


Transgender individuals have been quite the story as of late and when you watch the video of Jamie on Youtube, you witness a change that surpasses what many can find as possible. Bruce Jenner was the one to take what many call a closeted procedure into the mainstream. Another famous name to help make a statement in the world of trangenders in Lavern Cox, whose beauty along with talent, has taken her sexuality to TV’s mainstage in the hit show, “Orange is the New Black”.

Jamie’s wonderfully edited video on Youtube is undeniably short and sweet, displaying how with time, a cute looking little girl can slowly morph into an adolesent boy. Even when questions and thoughts surrounding transgender people can be a little uncomfortable for some, the continual and much needed attention is changing that outlook on a daily basis. Jamie’s video on Youtube will help you realize in it’s own way that the barrier is breaking slowly and the realization of equality is no doubt becoming an honest truth.

There still needs to be education given about what transgender people have to deal with on a daily basis in order to secure why we have gotten to this point. To know what it means to be trangender is only what people like Jamie know but in their heart, you can bet that they don’t need you to experience what they have in order to appreciate them.

It is absolutely amazing how much technology and education have played a role in bringing the transgender reality to the point in which we currently stand and how it has changed the lives of the people who need it most. That is why, just with the viewing of a simple video on Youtube, a transgender persons journey to who they want to ultimately be is captured in it’s purest essence and that is the way we should all look at it.

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