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Is Hip Hop Dead?


Well, in 2006 we all slighted Nas when he released his record ‘Hip Hop is dead,’ in fact KRS One replied with ‘Hip Hop is Alive.’ Nas was right as Crunk music had diluted the industry back then where guys with no street credibility rose to fame and did not do rap for the love of the game but for commercial reasons, talk of cough syrups and bling.

But now even KRS One will be obliged to agree that he was wrong, with the likes of Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd and Hospin, the game ids truly dead and buried. Talking of Hospin, he released a track called ‘No Words.’ The video is a true reflection of the degeneration of rap and hip hop. He is barely audible making funny noises and bouncing all around chest bare with a heavily tattooed body. The video is representative of what’s gone wrong with the genre. ‘No Words’ is all about heavy deafening beats, light-skinned women shaking their bums, about guys doing drugs, the cough syrup is in the mix, it is about guys getting tattoos all over as a sign of being hood, showing off gaudy jewellery, it is about the expensive exotic cars, crime and stacks and stacks of money.

The biggest problem is that there is no content lyrically, as to whether Hospin was mocking the current state of affairs in Hip Hop, it does not really matter. There is absolutely no music being produced here. What the artist is doing is a mockery to music. Tupac and Biggie must be rolling in their graves. Unfortunately, that is the trend now. Kids think that saying absolutely nothing on a track is cool. You can’t even tell what Hospin is trying to do, what is the video all about? What is the art behind the song? What can we tell from the video? The answer is a resounding nothing. How they manage to get concerts saying inaudible material and baby talk is beyond words.

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