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Iggy Azalea breaks from social media because the Internet is mean

Iggy Azalea quits

The Internet hurt rapper Iggy Azalea’s feelings so she’ll be taking a hiatus from social media. After coming back from a sweet vacay, the rapper from the land down under came home to discover unflattering photos of her butt had made their way online — and the trolls of the net were being less than kind about it. iggy azalea squat So her response was to ‘quit Twitter’ — but before she did so, she logged onto the social media platform to announce exactly what it was she was doing. She also used this as an opportunity to offer her personal thoughts on humanity. iggy twitter The Fancy rapper, 24, was appalled by the “hatred and pettiness” online and feels it’s making her into an angry person — which to her, she is not. She will not be subjected to negativity — but she also wanted her good fans to know that she loves them still. There’s a lot of truth in all of this — and while it’s true those photos of her butt are, indeed, unflattering — it’s also true that the Internet really does offer the “ugliest reflection of man kind”. Countless celebs have advised others in their industry to always avoid the comments. The Interwebs offers a public platform to anyone with an opinion (regardless of how qualified it is). We hope your ego recovers soon, Iggy.

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  1. Lynn

    March 7, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    No big loss for the Internet.

  2. drissa

    March 10, 2015 at 9:17 am

    great! I love her panties

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