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Hope for BeChloe to be a thing? Brittany Snow is in for Pitch Perfect 3

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It’s official — Brittany Snow is in the process of sealing the deal to bring Chloe Beale back for Pitch Perfect 3. Does this mean there’s hope for BeChloe to be canon (y’know, a real actual thing) in the third instalment of the Pitch Perfect franchise? Snow took to Twitter to share her excitement about reprising her role as the red-headed Barden Bella: Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick have already closed deals to do the upcoming film. Well, we have Beca and Chloe returning — and considering Kendrick and Snow are up for the Teen Choice Movie Chemistry (#ChoiceMovieChemistry) Award for Pitch Perfect 2— things could get interesting on screen for the third. bechloe1 bechloe2 The first two movies had these two characters sizzle the screen with their serious ‘gal pal’ chemistry (think: six seasons of Xena Warrior Princess being ‘best friends’). While the officials may not go for it, there’s a huge fandom online that’s certainly hoping for it. In TheHollywoodMag‘s shipping poll to determine The most popular lady loving ship on the Internet — BeChloe did incredibly well  and even lead it for a period of time (finishing third). The ship brought in over 10,000 votes — which is an obvious reflection of their online support. We can’t wait for the Barden Bellas to grace the big screen again and make music with their mouths. Kay Canon will return to pen the third movie — but no director has been set yet. Last movie we saw Amy (Wilson) and Bumper (Adam DeVine) getting their monogamy on — perhaps they’ll go down the American Wedding (2003) road and bring all the lovable, musical characters back for a wedding, reunion style film? Fear not, we promise to keep you all in the know. Image credit: Tumblr/brittany-snodes

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  1. O'Brien

    August 30, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    Kendrick said #BechloeIsReal so I’d say there’s a shot

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