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Girls One Upping – The Strange Form Of Female Miscommunication


Are you a one upper?

Women are notorious for being difficult to understand, but generally this is a struggle that’s mainly owned by men. When it comes to woman-to woman communication, there is no misunderstanding, but rather a desire to romanticize their own life to inflict feelings of jealousy in the other female. One of the biggest part of this is “one-upping”, which basically means making life sound better than the other person’s. This video depicts exactly how this strange form of miscommunication works, starting with the women discussing their apparent “perfect lives” while still sounding friendly.

As soon as one female says she’s doing great, the other will chime in talking about how her life is even better, and for many different reasons. As time goes on it’s easy to see where the women start exaggerating their lives, which may not be what happens in reality, but pokes fun at how ridiculous the act of “one-upping” an be. The video ends with the girls looking ridiculous, but offers a laugh for any female that’s been in this type of situation.

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