Furry friends: celebs who wear them and celebs who help them - The Hollywood Mag

Furry friends: celebs who wear them and celebs who help them

feat Photos hit the web today of Prince Harry helping wildlife veterinarians check out a male lion in Namibia. Swoon! There is nothing hotter than a prince who saves cats in his spare time, right? The prince is working with Save the Rhino Trust to encourage animal welfare in Africa. Last week he was assisting with de-horning endangered rhinos to prevent poaching. On the other side of the world Rihanna had the opposite effect. The singer was at her perfume launch at Macy’s in Brooklyn when anti-fur protesters crashed the event. They held signs and yelled “shame on Rihanna” until they were escorted out of the building. riri Here at TheHollywoodMag we love our fur babies. Chloe is Clark’s mother, Jesse is Free’s mom, and I have two fur daughters, Choupie and Heidi. We obviously support all stars who help our furry friends, so let’s play a little game. Do you think these stars help or hurt our furry friends? pets

Leia Smoudianis is a west coaster freezing her bum off in Toronto. The former (yet still very bitter) server is now selling vacuums on The Shopping Channel and hoping to get adopted by the Kardashians.

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