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Fake trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events confuses the Internet

Lemony Snickett

Yesterday, a fake teaser trailer for Netflix’s upcoming series Lemony Snitcket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events blew up the Internet and mainstream audiences couldn’t believe how official the YouTube video looked. Welcome to fandoms and the handy work of talented technologically savvy, passionate people with an Internet connection. Faux trailers are a thing — but they’re often tucked into the tabs of fan culture. Very seldom does one of these gems achieve trending status on mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook or make it on entertainment news sites like Variety. The fake trailer that’s confusing the Internet was made from the 2004 movie adaption of the books — starring Jim Carry — misleading audiences who were hoping to enjoy a teaser of the upcoming Netflix series that was confirmed to happen last fall. This video was beautifully done and features the Dresden Dolls’ song Missed Me (remember their song Coin Operated Boy?) Though this trailer is a product of fandom, Netflix and Paramount Television are still teaming up to put together the sweet series based on the books that have sold more than 65 million copies around the world. Otherwise, we’re going to share some other fake trailers that impressed our team at TheHollywoodMag. Sometimes, folks make obviously fake trailers that are meant for nothing more than to fill our little hearts with smiles like this Orphan Black based Cophine trailer that turns this popular ship into a romantic comedy. Then, there are times where people take an aca-awesome movie like Pitch Perfect and make a horror trailer out of it. This Mockingjay trailer is fake — but it’s done really, really well. When trying to navigate YouTube with the purpose of tracking an official trailer — always check the person who posted it onto the site and look for any indication that the video is, indeed, official. Otherwise, it can get confusing. We feel you, Internet.  

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