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Disney’s live-action Aladdin in the works, plus the modern reframing of Disney plots


Disney loves to cash in on our shameless need to revel in nostalgia via its live-action adaptations of our most favourite classics, and today the company announced its next project is Aladdin. The 1992 animated hit – which grossed over $500 million in theatres – will be remade into a prequel, which is tentatively titled Genies. The film is set to trail our favourite Arabian street urchin following his discovery of a magic oil lamp that unleashes a genie, who grants him three wishes (the third wish is the best *SOB*!). Currently, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift – the brains behind Freddy vs. Jason and the Friday the 13th remake – are penning the script, and we’ve got our fingers crossed their dark cinematic vision will somehow be captured in the upcoming project (think Jafar with a chainsaw). With all these live-action Disney adaptations, it kinda looks like the Mouse has run out of ideas! Thus far, the childhood masterpieces that have been remodeled into real life revisions include 101 Dalmatians, Maleficent and Cinderella. More recently, it was announced that Emma Watson is starting in Beauty and the Beast and, to add to this, Variety is reporting that moviegoers can expect even more animation-turned-reality with the upcoming Jungle Book, Pinocchio, Winnie the Pooh, Mulan and Dumbo. Finger’s crossed we actually get non-white actors to slay these roles AND NO ANIMAL EXPLOITATION EITHER! swanqueen To Disney’s credit, the conglomerate is gradually revamping its old school, anti-feminist plotlines into more progressive pictures that offer just as much depth as they do sentiment. Maleficent is a prime example of this, where Angelina Jolie’s character serves as Princess Aurora’s true love kiss to break the sleeping spell. As well, the mega popular series, Once Upon A Time, is a small screen favourite because it reworks various Disney stories to empower female leads with action-packed plots that require both brawn and brains. The show has also gained a substantial following from the lady-loving fan fiction world, with diehards shipping Emma Swan and Regina Mills, who have been affectionately dubbed, SwanQueen. Seeing as there’s no stopping the advancement of social media and the rapid expansion of femme slash fan culture, we think it’s about time Disney gave the community what it wants, which is a well-crafted, highly entertaining, racially diverse, and deeply passionate animated love stories (or live-action, whatever it can put together) between two women.

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