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Dawson is blowing up the Internet with ‘Power Rangers’ video

dawson power rangers

No, it’s not 1998 and you’re not back in Capeside. But yes, James Van Der Beek’s face is back on your screen in a video that’s going viral on the web. Starring in the 14 minute 20 second “Power/Rangers” short is Dawson’s Creek‘s Van Der Beek and Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackoff as former rangers. Produced by Adi Shanker and director Joseph Kahn, this short is an interesting and bloody vision of the G-rated 90’s classic television series. The short is about what happens to the rangers in a dark, bloody future. It appears as though this gritty re-imagination was made just because. So, if you want to watch it so you’re in the know, here it is. Sadly, there’s no Joey, Pacey, Jen or Grams in it. james van der beek

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