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Dave Grohl breaks leg onstage, keeps playing! Top 5 wildest onstage incidents

Dave Grohl - feature Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl fell off stage during the band’s show in Gothenburg, Sweden Friday night, breaking his leg…but did he let that stop him? Oh no, the show went on! Grohl did have to concede to being partially human at least, completing the show sitting down. The band tweeted an x-ray of the injury and it honestly looks brutal – not only would I not have continued the show after that, I may not have continued life. Foo Fighter's Twitter pic Then the very next day in London’s Wembley Arena, guitarist Michael Clifford, of the band 5 Seconds of Summer, got his face and hair burned from the show’s pyrotechnics. That show did not go on as Clifford was rushed to hospital. I’m sure Grohl could be found rolling his eyes upon hearing the story – likely while doing jumping jacks on a trampoline. Clifford has since posted a pic of his bandaged face via Instagram along with a relieving message to his fans that he’s doing ok. Michael Clifford - Instagram pic And I always thought it was the offstage antics that posed the greatest risk to a rock star’s life. Of course this isn’t the first time such bad luck has struck onstage, check a few more of these death defying tales from the lives of live performers.

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