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Coming up: #AskTheHollywoodMag

TheHollywoodMag team

Starting this Wednesday, team is excited to launch our new #AskTheHollywoodMag weekly video series. Through Twitter or e-mail, TheHollywoodMag readers can reach us with questions regarding entertainment news, popular culture, feminism, LGBTQ media topics and more. Since Leia Smoudianis, Ashley Spegel, Jessie Farewell and I have different beats we cover — we will find the most appropriate person to answer your questions. Whether you’re curious about what stars are wearing to red carpet events, when Alexa Chung became a thing, which 90’s movies are made references to most or where to find the best fan fictions and reasons for shipping — we’ll have our answers and provide resources. Whether you want to ask about mainstream entertainment news or femme slash fan culture — we’re open to all kinds of discussions — even the heavier stuff. We’re also just interested in the curiosities of our readers and look forward to interactions with you folks! So start asking, and we’ll answer the first edition of #AskTheHollywoodMag this week. Love, TheHollywoodMag team Team

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