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Celebrities who look better off the red carpet


It can take a celebrity hours to get ready for a red carpet event. From spray tans, manicures, and pedicures to hours of hair, makeup, and styling, it’s a wonder they make it on time. While many of them look flawless on the red carpet under 18 layers of foundation and false lashes, some look even better without all the extra stuff. Who are the lucky stars that look better au natural? Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart stuns in ads for Chanel and Balenciaga, but the 24-year-old looks most beautiful in her everyday go-to outfit, just a t-shirt and jeans.

Photo credit: thechatterjis.wordpress.com, galleryhip.com

Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne’s job is to get gussied up and look good, but the model’s laid-back attitude lends itself more to her casual off-work style. Like Stewart, she looks most comfortable in graphic tees and jeans.

Photo credit: capitalxtra.com, Pinterest

Natalie Dormer Natalie Dormer slays on the red carpet, but her alternative style really comes out when she’s just dressing for herself. The Game of Thrones star’s style is a perfect mix of trendy and rock n’ roll.
Photo credit: Reddit, Fab Fatale

Photo credit: Reddit, Fab Fatale

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp is known for his quirky style, and while he definitely incorporates it into his red carpet looks, his street style is completely uninhibited – and that’s sexy.
Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga’s brand of entertainment relies heavily on intricate costumes, crazy wigs, and bold makeup, but Stefani Germanotta’s natural beauty is more evident without all that jazz.
Photo credit: Pinterest, clearworldonline.com

Photo credit: Pinterest, clearworldonline.com

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