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Can You Believe These Stars Are Still Relevant?

Paris Hilton

It comes as a bit of a shock when you spot a celeb in the headlines after thinking they’d already fallen off the planet. But with the right agency and gimmick, some of yesterday’s biggest names are keeping their stars shining bright all the way into tomorrow. Lucy Liu Remember when Lucy Liu was on Ally McBeal? To every 30something that sat in front of a TV screen in the late 90s, Liu will forever be known for her role as Ling Woo on the smash series starring Calista Flockhart. These days, she’s still living it up on prime time on the Sherlock spinoff, Elementary, where she plays the quirky detective’s brainy sidekick, Watson. Paris Hilton via Chung It’s a blessing we haven’t seen or heard from the reality star in years, but she’s still putting her face out there, working the circuit doing something or other. Just a few days ago, a pic of the heiress was posted on “It” girl Alexa Chung’s Instagram. P was snapped behind a DJ booth wearing a set of headphones at a Chanel event in NYC, where she was suspected to be DJing. Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn used to be the man in the early 2000s thanks to his type-casted role as the witty and weird womanizing friend. The actor used to be everywhere and – apparently – still is. Vaughn made headlines earlier last month when Photoshopped stock photos of him were released to promote his upcoming film, Unfinished Business. Adding to his relevancy, Vaughn also appears in the HBO series, True Detective. Britney Spears Did ya’ll know the singer is still current in the celebrity world? A few years ago, Spears packed up from LA and went off to do what most singers do when their career dies – she got a show in Vegas! Seems like Brit’s doing well enough and landed a gig as People’s latest cover girl. In the feature, the singer dishes about motherhood, her new beau, and how she’s the happiest she’s ever been. Olsens The Olsen twins still do stuff, guys, and they’re mega successful as fashion moguls with their three multi-million dollar clothing lines, The Row, Elizabeth and James, and Olsen Boy. Most notably, the child-stars-turned-designers were nominated this week for two Council of Fashion Designers of America awards (CFDAs) – Womenswear Designer of the Year and Accessory Designer of the Year. What’s even more impressive is that the young ladies have won both of these awards in the past. Tom Cruise Tom Cruise will always be a big deal, but like, what has he done recently that’s been so great? Nothing comes to mind! Fortunately for his fans, Cruise is back in the headlines thanks to the scandal surrounding the new HBO documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Cruise is the biggest believer of Xenu and, so long as this doc continues to get press, so will the actor. Hugh Grant Hugh Grant was so great in his earlier films with his accent and cute smile and longish hair. And lucky for us, the actor is still trending in the media. He was recently the subject of an April Fools day prank by the magazine  Horse & Hound, which announced Grant would be the new guest editor. Ha ha! Remember in Notting Hill when he gushed about that magazine? That’s the basis of the prank.

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