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Bruce Springsteen’s Classic Dancing in the Dark Gets Sparkly in Hot Chip’s Hands


A British electro-pop band has done what many musicians hope they achieve in their entire careers. The five-man Hot Chip merged Bruce Springsteen’s 31-year-old ‘Dancing in the Dark’ with ‘All my Friends’, done by LCD Soundsystem 8 years ago. The result is a great fusion of electropop with no hint at all of the 23 years between the songs.

The band released the song early this year and from the response of the band’s performance in the live performances recorded on video, they did a splendid job. Considering that this hit was Springsteen’s extreme at electropop, Hot Chip sure did own it. They even threw in three remixes for good measure. Some of the great songs that make up the over seven-minute buffet include ‘Huarache Lights’ by Soulwax.

While the video is a mix of footage of Hot Chip performing live, the TV Carnage-style presentation. The cheesed-out 80s theme comes alive complete in all its last century’s public access television splendor. The awesome highlights are probably because Hot Chip decided to give the renditions a lot more of sugary melodies as opposed to powerful and deep booming beats and intensity that Springsteen incorporated in the original version.

The video, which one Bruce Springsteen’s fan referred to using a collection of adjectives like ‘incredible blurry mess of awesome fantasticalness’ has already attracted close to 5000 views on YouTube barely hours after release. In this new video that forms part of a prelude to their live performances in the coming few days in Brixton Academy, Caribou joins in to give the 1985 classic, synth-heavy cover that not many a Springsteen fans even anticipated.

This new cover will lead up Hot Chip’s new EP with the same title, which is part of their new album, ‘Why Make Sense’. The album contains four other bonus tracks, which the band presented to the public earlier in May. Despite the rich collection, the 80s-themed video still stands out and gives die hard Bruce Springsteen’s fans something to really write home about.

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