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BREAK UP ALERT: Charlize Theron dumps notorious abuser Sean Penn

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Charlize Theron has reportedly called off the engagement with actor Sean Penn and we’re not shocked. The Internet is buzzing with confusion but this may be attributed to several things: a) people don’t remember what happened with Madonna, b) people don’t know what happened back in 1987 with Madonna and c) frames of references to popular culture history may be lacking. While Us Weekly is reporting that Theron, 38, dumped fellow Academy Award-winning actor Penn, 54, after almost a year and a half of being in a high profile relationship and folks like Hollywood Life are saying it’s because love fizzled and everyone seems pretty sad about it — we’re still not shocked nor are we especially sad. Because, despite Penn being an incredibly talented actor on screen, we are aware of the reports that have shown us he’s been abusive to women (namely Madonna — the incident with the baseball bat?), has been convicted of violent crimes that involved beating up photographers and, y’know, assualting a songwriter and has a history with drinking and DUIs. And yes, people grow and they change and history doesn’t have to repeat itself — but we live in a society that supports rape culture, protects abusers and are trying to raise awareness. So, please, hop into our time machine and let’s go back and talk about some pop culture history. Madonna Sean Penn It’s possible Penn has evolved as a human being and stopped his wicked ways of assaulting extras on set (violating his probation) and spitting on paparazzi — but these are real things he’s done that landed him in the pen — which he only served five days before he was released to make a movie. Of course, upon his return he served only 28 more days and got off for the rest of his 60 day sentence for good behaviour, according to an issue of People published back in 1987. …and we’re not even talking about his four-year toxic marriage from 1985-1989 to Material Girl Madonna yet. The pop legend has spoken out about her abusive relationship with the actor. “Once, he tied her to a chair and beat her. Another time, he hit her with a baseball bat. He threatened to shave her head. He chased her out of their hotel room,” reports Mail Online, “Several times he promised to go to rehab or therapy, or to father a child with her, and she took him back.” Their relationship was reportedly passionate — violent, abusive, horrible — but apparently very ‘sexy’ (and clearly unhealthy). So when reports of the new relationship with Theron began circulating the media, we were very deja-don’t-do-it! The Mad Max: Fury Road actress told Esquire just this April that she was ‘shocked’ to have fallen for Penn. She considered herself a lucky girl and said to the publication, “He’s hot.” She told Elle UK last year that Penn was the love of her life. We haven’t even talked about his marriage to Forrest Gump star Robin Wright — who shares two children with Penn. Now, we’re all for forgiving and not holding grudges — but Penn has had multiple failed marriages, a history of abuse and alcoholism and seems like a pretty intense person — should we be so shocked that Theron decided to get out?

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