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BFFs Paris Hilton and Cheyenne Tozzi bust it all out at New York Fashion Week

Paris Hiltons Instagram

Paris Hilton has come a long way from The Simple Life. Her hip is also now attached to a new best friend — model from the land down under, Cheyenne Tozzi. The pair have been inseparable at New York’s Fashion Week — sporting plunging necklines and spamming their time together on social media. Hilton, 34, and Tozzi, 26, are super out and open about their friendship and their cleavage. Chey Instagram You can tell who posted which picture on Instagram based on who the focus of the snapshot is. Like, this one is clearly from Cheyenne‘s — while the other shot focused more on Hilton. Paris and Chey The duo have been all up on each other’s social media accounts. This was uploaded to Hilton’s account to share with her 4million followers — letting them all know this was how she spent Valentine’s Day weekend. She even wore red — how festive. Paris Chey best times ever Paris posted this from backstage at Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief Charity show at the Lincoln Centre Theatre in New York. Don’t worry, she didn’t forget to tag her girls. bff paris hilton and cheyenne Though this photo showcases less of their busty bosoms, the large amount of love is evident. Maybe blondes really do have more fun?

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