Beyonce busts out $8,000 outfit to Coachella and Bieber is embarassing (again) - The Hollywood Mag

Beyonce busts out $8,000 outfit to Coachella and Bieber is embarassing (again)

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Beyonce upholds queen status at Coachella — where she wore a $4,790 Saint Laurent maxi dress to the outdoor music festival. Because, in case you didn’t know, Beyonce invented music and can do whatever she wants because she’s Beyonce. For her one-day stint at Coachella, the singer opted for that patterned dress (the cost of a university student’s year of tuition in Ontario) with a Saint Laurent waistcoat (add another $3,190), a pair of Ray-Bans and a classic unnecessary hat. She kept things practical with flat ankle boots and arrived by private plane. And, of course, she looked amazing because Beyonce is made up of layer after layer of flawless human material. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber was being put into chokeholds and getting booted from the same festival for being a brat, according to TMZ. bieber coachella Apparently, Bieber was dying to watch Drake get his face eaten by Madonna but security wouldn’t let him in. By this, we obviously mean Bieber made claims that Drake personally invited him to see his performance — but the space was at capacity and security didn’t care who Bieber was and wouldn’t bend the rules for him. Things escalated. Because princess (yes, we called him a princess) didn’t want to be in the big crowd out of fear of being attacked by fans and security had enough of him. All of this drama led to the chokehold and, inevitably, his boot from the festival. …and that’s what you’ve missed at Coachella. We’re wearing flower crowns and pretending we’re there right now.

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