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Best she ever had: Drake


Drake sure has a type. Earlier this month we told you Drake was hooking up with curvy video vixen, Bernice Burgos, and now we’re finding out he’s been hooking up with the equally curvy reality star, Deelishis. Deelishis, who used to star on the Flavor of Love, was a guest on an online show called Kandi Koated Nights when she dished on the rapper. “Kandi: So what’s the best you ever had? Deelishis: There’s this guy, this rapper guy, he sometimes sings in his raps. Co-host: He’s a rapper from Toronto. Deelishis: *laughs* Kandi: So he’s actually good in bed. Deelishis: He’s excellent in bed. Co-host: Deelishis, you been on your worst behaviour. Deelishis started from the bottom now she here.” drake Deelishis clarified that she and Drake have never been an official item, but she is now dating Amber Rose’s ex Wiz Khalifa. Hopefully her ex Flava Flav isn’t heartbroken over the news.

Leia Smoudianis is a west coaster freezing her bum off in Toronto. The former (yet still very bitter) server is now selling vacuums on The Shopping Channel and hoping to get adopted by the Kardashians.

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