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Bastian and Maria Yotta Are Too Bling For Germany


Now picture this; a Ferrari, the beach, a beautiful girl and flashy lights. What comes to mind immediately is life in the fast lane, a pipe dream for a huge chunk of the world’s population. But what kind of life would you live if you were a multi-millionaire and a successful businessman in your own right? Most people would want to live the life of their dreams, buying whatever they desire, whenever they desire because they can. It is the reason why people work hard, so that they can enjoy the finer things in life.

Yet there seems to be a bit of a situation because not everyone will be happy when you get to throw money around while they cannot even afford a decent meal. Others choose to ignore and live their own lives while others move to places where they are more accepted, a home away from home maybe. California provides just that kind of environment. You can never fall short of rich friends in Beverly Hills or expensive mansions or stores where the prices of commodities are far much higher than the annual earnings of some people. Such has been the life of Bastian and Maria Yotta.

In a video posted on YouTube by Barcroft TV, the couple had to move away from Germany which is their home country to Beverly Hills in the United State. They had been receiving several stares and eye-rolls because of their lavish lifestyle, some even going as far as spitting on their expensive cars. In California they found acceptance and now they get to spend nearly $100k a month in whichever way they please from throwing parties to shopping in designer stores. Bastian hopes to be a billionaire before starting a family. Makes you ask, does this couple have misplaced priorities or are they simply enjoying the fruits of their labor which is a right anyway?

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